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certview is a GUI aiming to help when working with digital certificates, eg: check the certificate chain for a service including the CA. We are all fans of openssl but it gets a little bit messy if you have a few certs on the table so I wanted a point-and-click workbench for digital certificates.

certview can:

It is (will be) free software, developed using python3 and PyQt5, and looks like this:

coetool shot

Show me the code!

DISCLAIMER: current code is quick-and-dirty (especially dirty) transition from terminal oneliners to GUI heavily based on things like "subprocess.run()" for openssl exec (not necessary bad in this case imho) and string parse. I consider this a demo to work on. Sorry no code is linked here so far. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Let's move

certview intro: certview rsa signature check demo:



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